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Our Purpose

Our Mother’s Day Out program provides an opportunity for toddler and preschool aged children to explore, play, and learn in a safe, fun, nurturing, God-focused environment.


Your child will have fun learning about God and the world around them in a way that will make an impact on their lives. Our program promotes intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, and social growth.



Children ages 2-4 as of September 1st of the current school year.


Classes begin on August 20, 2024.

Tuesdays and Thursdays

8:45 am - 2:00 pm


If you would like more information or to schedule a tour, please contact Kristen Knight at 281-469-5850 or by email at

We are not trained or staffed to serve children with serious learning disabilities, special needs, or who need specialized attention. If you are interested in Real Life MDO and believe it is a great fit for your family, please inquire, and we will personally assess your unique situation and the fit of your young learner.

2024-2025 Registration

Register your child today for the 2024-2025 school year.

Join the Team

For questions or employment opportunities, email

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